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The 60 minutes wash & dry procedures that we use are the finest technology and the purest of solvents to deliver impeccable results for everything from shirts to wedding gowns. We specialize in first class curtain washing, bedsheet washing, attention to detail and hand finishing of all garments.

Garments are individually protected and packaged with tissue, custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes in order to ensure your garments safe return to your wardrobe. At 60 Minutes wash & dry we take pride in the laundering of your personal fine linen and cloth wear. Every care is taken at each step of our process to ensure your laundry is beautifully finished prior to being returned to you. All items are individually inspected and then washed with the gentlest detergents before being finished to our exacting standards. Your crisp clean laundry is then folded and packed ready for you to enjoy.

Our impeccable laundry service includes Shirts, Cotton Pants, Clothing, Bed Linens, Lingerie, Table Linens, Towels, etc.

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Clean Job Always

Why Choose 60 minutes Wash & Dry


Being perfectly dressed gives a tranquility
that no religion can bestow.

The way you dress and carry yourself sends a message to everyone around you. Your clothing and outward appearance shape assumptions about your personality, your education level, your individuality and the type of person you are.




Oil stains are stubborn and may not be entirely possible to remove by water.  Moreover, synthetic fibers like polyester respond well to only laundry. We have the state of the art technology machines guaranteed to give you the best results.



Bedsheet Washing

we will wash your bedsheet with good quality.Our machines are centralized, multiple machines that will service high loads of garments. Combining the traditional with the modern approach, we cater to the needs of the residential as well the business class of our customer segments.

Gentle yet powerful

We wanted to get the laundry service fully organised for delivering quality.  There was a need in the market for quality dry cleaners who not only just pressed clothes and ironed but also added some value addition to their basic services. After the initial euphoria, things quieted down in this 60 Minutes wash & Dry.

We found that when the initiative takes care of the local need, it is bound to succeed. 60 Minutes wash & Dry provide superior service experience to customers.  If a satisfied customer refers another person who is a friend or family, our job is well done!

Priya Singh

Director, 60 minutes Wash & Dry


Towel Washing

we will wash your towels with good quality with comparing with other laundry persons. we will give give 100% customer satisfaction.



Daily Wear

we will wash your daily wears with good quality and We employ a special fabric cleaner to restore your drapery to its pristine state.


Fabric conditioner


Washing machine


Fragrance Freshener


Aroma enhancer


Dry Wash

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We customized the solution for ironing and washing so that in the household laundry cycle, the tedium of locating a washing and ironing service is removed once for all. Just use our App and order a pickup!